Wedding Request

Request to use our facility for your very special day.

Wedding Policies and Procedures

New Life Church rejoices in the opportunity to minister to a couple at one of the most important moments in their lives. We see our building as an instrument of God’s grace because it can provide a place for the man and woman to make a lifelong covenant to each other. Our pastor can help prepare the couple for a lifelong commitment, and then, officiate as they share their vows with each other. 

On behalf of the congregation, the Consistory is charged with the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the local church. The Consistory has established the following policy to help carry out their directive, to define the pastor’s role, and to make sure our church will remain a welcoming place for future weddings. 

Pastoral Requirements

  1. Every couple wanting the current pastor to perform their wedding must meet with the pastor a minimum of two separate times. These premarital sessions are a time to plan the ceremony and prepare for a lifetime commitment. In addition, the pastor will go over biblical beliefs and values for Christian marriage according to Reformed theology and church bylaws.
  2. Premarital sessions are scheduled through the pastor. 
  3. Fees for premarital counseling and officiating will be negotiated with the pastor directly. 

General Policies for Use of the Facility

Available Facility Times:

Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. through 9:00 p.m.

  • Weekends from 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.
  • The building must be completely cleared no later than 9:30 p.m. (or 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays) to allow the building to be closed promptly.
  • If a group remains later than these times, an extra fee of $100/hr ($100 minimum) will be assessed.
  1. Any party wishing to book a wedding in our facility must complete the Wedding Reservation Form below. The wedding will be scheduled through the church office to ensure no conflicts in building use. The Reservation Form must include a contact person's name and phone number to secure the building policies and procedures are being followed. This policy includes members and non-members. 
  2. All participants and guests of the wedding party agree to Christian standards of decorum and activity. All property and persons will be respected. The use of drugs and alcoholic beverages is not permitted on the premises. Likewise, the use of tobacco is not allowed inside the building. 
  3. The wedding party is responsible for making monetary restitution for damage or neglect caused while using the building or because they used the facility. These fees include, but are not limited to, paying to have the carpet cleaned. 
  4. The wedding party is responsible for setting up and cleaning up. Clean-up is defined as restoring the space to the condition found upon arrival. Out of courtesy to the custodian, the user is asked to assist the custodian with all take-down requirements, unless special arrangements have been made with the church. Upon completion of the activity, the areas used shall be returned to their original condition unless specific arrangements have been made. The group using the facility shall be responsible for any damages or additional services incurred relating to the group's activity.
  5. Rooms will be made available for both the bridal party and the groomsmen for dressing at no extra charge, and activities are asked to be confined to the area of the building being rented.
  6. Only the space requested and reserved may be re-arranged. No furniture is to be moved from other areas of the church, and no furniture is to be stored in other areas of the church. Exceptions to this policy must be cleared with the pastor. 
  7. No rice, birdseed, or confetti of any kind is allowed in the building.
  8. Final arrangements are to be made with the custodian two weeks before the event. Please set up a time to meet at the facility.
  9. Nails, thumbtacks, transparent/masking/duct tape may not be used to fasten decorations to chairs, platforms, furniture, walls, or windows.
  10. Lit candles in the candelabras are permitted. Carrying of lit candles is not permitted, except the unity candle. Candles are not allowed on the furniture. All floors must be protected from wax with a protective covering. Holiday decorations are NOT to be removed.
  11. It is the policy of New Life Church that aisle runners or any cloth that is walked on are not permitted, no exceptions.
  12. Wedding dances are not permitted.
  13. Due to high ministry demands on the facility and to allow staff to celebrate with their families, holiday weddings are discouraged. (The Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving and the month of December.)
  14. The Lead Pastor will clear special exemptions from this policy.

Facility Fees

*Minister and Accompanist fees are not included in the initial rental fee. You will need to contact them for information regarding additional costs.
  • Fees are paid directly to the church and then disbursed from the church treasury. Checks can be made payable to New Life Reformed Church.
  • Payment is expected in full the Monday before the wedding. 
  • Rental of the facility does include rehearsal the night before the wedding.

Worship Center Sound and projection System

The sound video and/or recording systems are available upon request. The systems will be operated by New Life video/sound technicians. Group-provided sound, recording, or video equipment may not be attached to this sound system through cables or connectors without prior approval.

A fee of $50 per New Life technician will be assessed if use of our audio visual equipment is required.

Use of Kitchen/ Fellowship Hall

  1. Kitchen space shall be cleaned after each use. Any spills should be cleaned up. The cabinet tops should be wiped up. Floors should be swept. 
  2. All dishes and utensils used shall be washed, dried and returned to the cabinet space designated. Nothing should be left on the draining board or cabinet. 
  3. Wet towels/ linens shall be taken home, laundered, and returned to the church within two weeks. 
  4. All trash and garbage shall be removed to trash cans. A clean bag should be in the bottom of the trash can for replacement. 
  5. In case of breakage, please note item broken to the custodian. 
  6. No food or beverage shall be left in the refrigerator or freezer without plans for its further use or disposal. Please use masking tape and permanent marker to record when it was left, what group is responsible for it, and a contact phone number.