Scholarship fund for mission trips and related service projects

New Life ROCK Fund Application

The ROCK Fund is made available by generous donations from the people of New Life Church. The intent of the fund is to make it possible for all New Life attendees (including college students) to go on mission trips or mission related events and help them financially with expenses.

We encourage everyone who will be participating in a mission event to try and pay for some of the expenses on their own to help foster a strong commitment to the ministry they have signed up for. This is why the ROCK Fund is designed to match up to half of the total cost of an event. If you can cover half, good; however, we realize this is not always possible and want everyone to be able to participate in mission work so do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional help.

Application Limitations/ Requirements

*The ROCK Fund is intended to assist people connected to New Life Church with funding short term mission trips or mission related events.

**All ROCK Fund disbursements are subject to Mission Team approval and/or monies available in the fund. This request does not guarantee approval of funds. For any special circumstances or financial needs, please contact us.

***ROCK Fund Requirement: All ROCK Fund users may be asked to share about their experience to the congregation, telling how God used them and/or give a personal testimony.

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