Meal Ministry

New Life seeks to love and serve families and individuals in times of need.

Meal Ministry Purpose

New Life seeks to love and serve families and individuals in times of need...after the birth of a baby...after surgery or hospitalization...during times of crisis.


Who We Serve:

New Life family may request meals from the Meal Ministry by contacting


We strive to serve those whose needs are not already being met by family and friends. Please note we cannot attempt to assist with a meal if we do not know about the need.

Meal requests should receive a 48-72 hour notice before starting the first meal on an approved meal schedule.


I Would Like to Be Notified of Meal Needs:


Online sign up instructions on how to schedule providing a meal

  1. Go to
  2. In the Find section in the middle of the screen:
  3. For “Recipient Last Name” Enter: newlife
  4. Password: nlrchurch
  5. Select a date that you would like to provide a meal (if there are any special meal instructions or preferences, they will be listed at the top of the screen) and click to sign up.
  6. Fill in your name, email address (this will provide you with a reminder email the day before you are scheduled to provide a meal), phone number, and what you plan to bring for a meal to avoid getting too many of the same meal.
  7. Click Sign Up!

Tips when providing a meal:

  • Aim for a main dish (meat, sandwich, or casserole) and a side dish (salad, vegetable, or fruit). You may also include dessert if you wish.
  • The meal does not need to be homemade. Some ideas include:

Main dishes:

  • rotisserie chicken
  • tavern
  • broasted chicken takeout taco meat, shells, & fixings pizza delivery
  • hot ham & cheese
  • roast
  • ham balls
  • spaghetti
  • casserole
  • lasagna


  • lettuce salad cooked veggies raw veggie tray fruit salad
  • jello
  • garlic bread chips
  • fresh fruit applesauce

  • Ask a friend to help provide a meal together.
  • Please deliver your meals in disposable containers so the receiver does not have to return dishes to you.
  • Typically we ask that your meal be delivered hot and ready to eat at 5:30 PM, unless otherwise specified.